Soundcore Space One

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Engineered to excel in reducing crowd noise, especially voices, which are much more distracting and hard to ignore.

Noise cancelling 2X stronger voice reduction vs. Soundcore WQ30 Headphones
Noise cancelling adapts to environments - Reduce 98%. Adaptive noise cancelling detects external sounds and sound leakage, auto-calibrating to deliver optimal noise reduction, even if a tight seal isn't formed around your ears.
Hands-Free, Easy Chat Feature (All New Feature) - Effortlessly converse with Space One's easy feature, even when your hands are full. The audio volume automatically lowers, and ambient sound trickles through when you start talking.
8 Degree Floating-Axi Design (All New Feature) - With the floating design, the ear cups rotate 8 degree in either direction, effortlessly conforming to the contours of any head, for a natural fit.
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